Sunday, 9 November 2014

It Don't Mean a Thing if it Ain't Got that Swing

Mid-September I was presented with the opportunity to go to a swing dancing social complete with a free beginner lesson.  Now, ever since seeing a movie when I was eleven or twelve that featured swing dancing I have harboured a deep-set dream to try and learn how to swing.  I was never able to make time to try it out in Ottawa or Kitchener.  The thought never entered my mind that I might be able to swing dance in Hong Kong.  And yet here I am, slowly feeding my newly kindled passion for swing more and more days from my week.

I went with a friend from work, Emily, to the social at Grappa's, an Italian restaurant, and fumbled my way through the beginner lesson, apologizing to and laughing with all the others who wanted to try out this thing called swing.  After the short beginner lesson the social dancing began.  I awkwardly danced with a couple other beginners.  Then the lead from the pair who taught the class asked me to dance.  I apologized before we even started.  I danced three dances that night with him and that was more than enough to make me run and leap with a blazing passion into the swirling vortex that is swing.  He was and is an excellent lead, and made me feel like I could actually dance.

I was more than hooked. I kept going to the socials.  Mostly the weekly ones on Wednesday night, but sometimes the ones on Monday and Saturday nights too. I met new people and became friends with the lead, Michael, who first introduced me to how much fun swing can really be.
Me and Michael at the Halloween Swing Social

I am currently doing a Beginner Charleston studio course with Emily, and I am looking forward to the Beginner Lindy Hop course that begins right after the Charleston course ends in two weeks. 

Swing has opened up a whole new international community I hardly new existed and I have already begun looking into the swing societies back home in Canada to make sure I will still have a place to feed my voracious hunger for swing. 

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