Thursday, 4 September 2014

Getting Settled Into My New Home: Hong Kong

After my two nights in the hostel at Causeway Bay on Hong Kong Island I packed up my things, dragged my luggage to a bus stop, and made my way to my apartment for the next year.  As the bus made its way out of the city the scenery got more and more beautiful. The further north one goes the more rural it gets. I live in Tai Po, a town in the mid-east part of the New Territories. 
It takes about an hour and a quarter by bus and MTR (Mass Transit Railway) to get to the main island, sometimes longer depending on the traffic.  After I hopped off the bus and got myself oriented I lugged my baggage to the apartment block I would be staying in.  There I met Yasmine, my new unbelievably cool, incredibly stylish, remarkably intelligent housemate from London with a British accent made for producing audio books.  She was waiting outside with her luggage as well.  When the employee from Monkey Tree arrived, we all went in and had our first glimpse of our apartment.  After showing us around Tai Po a bit, the employee left us to wander and get settled. 


Front Door
Dining Room
All my floor space
Our rooms are certainly tiny, but then we don't spend that much time in them.  I think that my is just big enough, and my only complaint is that there are no curtains.  I am hoping to remedy that eventually with something better that my towel.  The living and dining room are a nice size, but the kitchen is definitely disappointing.  Our only counter space is the top of our itty-bitty washing machine, and there is only one outlet for the microwave, washer, kettle, and our newly purchased toaster oven.  However, it is not the smallest kitchen I have cooked in, and I like the challenge it poses.  When Yasmine and I had come back from our wander around Tai Po in the evening we met our other housemate, Gemma from Wales, who had been living here on her own for about a month.

A trip to Ikea has helped to make this place our own.  It is slowly beginning to feel like home.   
Hallway to bedrooms

My bedroom window
View from bedroom
Settling in