Sunday, 3 March 2013

Sometimes Life is the Utter Pits

Sometimes life sucks.  

Sometimes nothing goes right and everything goes wrong.

Sometimes some things do go right, but a lot of unexpected wrong comes waltzing in.  

And usually when life sucks I don't feel happy.  I don't feel excited to be alive.  I don't look forward to the new rays of sunshine bursting through my window in the morning.  And I also don't feel any happier when I read my Bible.  No matter how many times I read Psalm 23 my life is still the pits.  No matter how much I pray I still don't feel like opening my arms and embracing with gleeful enthusiasm the suckiness of life.  

Even after praying, even after reading from three different parts of the Bible for a few days in a row, even after eating all the perfect most healthy food that grows on the face of this green earth, even after spending time with a dear friend...

...sometimes life still sucks.

But I guess God isn't a pain-killer.  Reading the Bible isn't rapid-relief.  Praying isn't extra-strength hurt- alleviator.  God is bigger than simply dulling the pain of life.  The Almighty King and Creator of the Universe wants more for me than to simply pacify the symptom so I can go about my daily life with a charming smile on my face.  He did not choose that route for Himself, He did not choose to cover up the pain and hurt that the separation between us and Him created.  He knew the root cause of the pain and He was willing to heal it without popping a fast-acting pill for the awful, unimaginable symptoms of excruciating pain that He endured.  Life sucked that day for Him.  Everything went wrong, but then everything went right.  

Sometimes life really does suck and it doesn't make me feel any better or happier to hear about the suckiness of other people's lives, but it strengthens my hope in that someday life will never suck.  Someday everything will go right and nothing will go wrong. 

Until then I have faith that God has the capability and experience to deal with my sucky days and knows how to hold me when I am screaming at Him for a pain-killer.  

Jesus knows that sometimes life is the pits.       


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