Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Going back "home" and on to new adventures

Hello to all my friends and family back in Canada,

My time in Europe has been awesome so far.  I first spent a week in Germany with my friends and host family from when I was there two years ago.  The time I spent there was so wonderful, it felt more like only a few days had passed instead of almost two years!  I felt right at home again. 

On the first of June I flew into Madrid and met up with Karis and Kim the two other interns from Canada, (Kim was also my RA at Emmanuel Bible College this past school year, and she was also the one who sneakily nudged me to come with her on this internship).  The night life of Madrid, Spain, was a serious culture shock.  I got to the hostal in the centre of the city, at around midnight and the night life was only starting up!  And it didn't stop until about five in the morning!!!  It was heart breaking to walk around during the night and see the dozens of prositutes.  (Pray for the "live it up" party lifetyle and the prositute situation).  On the second of June we met up with the rest of the interns from America; Kelly, Jenna, Jessica, and our leader, Marjorie.  On Sunday we drove seven hours together to Ligondes, Galica, Spain, a tiny little village way out in the country, to serve in a Chritian-run Inn, La Fuente del Peregrino (The Pilgrims' Fountain) that provides free coffee, tea, and water, and most importantly clean bathrooms during the day, and a free dinner and bed for the night in the evening for the pilgrims who are walking along the Camino to go to Santiago to the Cathedral, which supposedly holds the remains of Saint James.  It was amazing to talk to people from all different cultures and walks of life.  I got to be in the kitchen most of the time cooking hot meals for the pilgrims who were staying over night.  It was such a wonderful opportunity for me to be able to use one of my favourite gifts to bless people.  One young man from Italy came during the week and he said to Kim, "I really like it here because here I am not just a number like in the other inns, I'm a pilgrim."  to which Kim replied, "You're not just a pilgrim, you're a person, a special individual."  As I sat down beside him for dinner someone on the team turned to me and said something along the lines of, "Wow, you are pretty brave to be serving pasta to Italians!"  Of course I was a little nervous then that even though I had put all my cooking experience, creativity, love, and of course a lot of wine, into that tomato and meat sauce, maybe it wouldn't meet with Italian standards.  I was rendered speechless, however, when I was told by the young Italian man beside me that my sauce was very good...as good as his mama's!  He had three servings, and I'm sure he would have had more if there had been more.  He told me that he really needed that meal, since the pilgrims don't usually get the greatest, home-cooked, most love-filled, meals in the Inn along the way.

To me continued