Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Fighting Over Dirty Dishes or Love

Love is my name.

Kamaron [ka-m-uh-ruhn] ; from Kama
     origin: Sanskrit    
     def: love

I am learning a lot about love; I'm also learning about how little I know of love the more that I learn of it.

God, the Triune God, is the only God who is said to have created humans out of love.  He did not create us and also along with us create love.  In other religions that believe in a singular god or multiple gods, humans were created out of power or violence.  Those "gods" call for submission, but no love.  In Christianity however, there was already a deep love between then members of the Trinity.  They created us so that we could share in that love.  The Trinity is the embodiment of love and relationship.  The Trinity is consumed with glorifying each other.  None of them is the centre.  God calls us to give Him glory and praise and our love because He knows that is what is best for us, that is what will save us through acknowledgement and obedience of the call given to us by Jesus Christ.  

How do I love like our Heavenly Father? How do I be selfless?  How do I become humble?  I cannot give a perfect, theologically sound answer, but I know that I am slowly and steadily, and often unknowingly in the moment, living the answer.  I know that if I fling myself into God's word and presence He will change my heart to beat in rhythm with His.  Some days suck though.  God knows that though.  I will continue to have faith, because faith isn't a feeling, I will continue to love, because love isn't simply an emotion.

How do I love?  Only through God, every little act of kindness and love is from Him.  Love is only possible because of Him. "Whoever lives in love, lives in God, and God in him," (1 John 4:16, NIV). 

Love is active.

Love is my name. 

I love by writing silly, little notes.  I love by scheming how to wash dishes before my darling friend can get to them.  I love by listening.  I love by hugging.  I love by laughing.  I love by apologizing first.  I love by putting the other person first.  I love by spending time with my Heavenly Father. 

My mom told me and my sisters that instead of arguing with each other, we should fight to love the other the most.  Who can out-love the other the most?

Loving with God's love, which is really the only true kind of love, is dangerous.  It is letting go of personal desires and realizing that I am not the centre of the universe.  It's entering into the dance of revolving around God and other people.  When we let go of our needs in order to centre our lives around God , we need not worry about having them fulfilled, because God loves us even more.  Love hurts.  It's realizing that I love another person, but that person may never love me back.  Love is opening ourselves up to hurt and the risk of being broken.  Really, love is the acknowledgment that we are all broken, but God gives us wholeness through love, so that we might love.

I feel loved through hugs that last long enough to breathe deeply.  I feel loved when someone knows me well enough to tease me without hurting me.  I feel loved when someone notices that I am having a bad day.  I feel loved when someone gives me her full attention when she is talking with me.  I feel loved when someone beats me to doing the dishes.  I feel loved when I find the hearts hidden for me.  I feel loved through a whisk.  I feel loved when someone lies beside me when I am hurting.  I feel loved through letters, even when I have to wait to open them.

I am loved.

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