Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Wednesdays or The Weekmiddle

Today I had steel cut oats that I put in the crockpot for over night for breakfast, very yummy, and so easy.  I've been reading for classes the rest of the morning and now I'm taking a break. 
At EBC there are no classes on Wednesdays so the staff and students have time for meetings and homework and the like.  Since I don't have any classes on Tuesday either it's like I have another weekend in the middle of the week.  I spend the time doing homework and reading; there is a lot of reading for my classes, all of it is really beneficial and I'm learning a lot its just that some of the textbooks are easier to read than others. 

In my one class, Counselling Skills, we have to read "The Skilled Helper", which after reading makes me for sure not want to study counselling.  My wonderful roommate and I are in it together and we've devised a way that helps us both read the text with out falling asleep (I've never fallen asleep reading it, I'm too scared of falling asleep in a public place on campus and getting fined, my roommate on the other hand...).  We read aloud to eachother, and we read as fast as we can with out stumbling.  Unfortunately even this reading aloud doesn't completely eliminate the danger of falling asleep.  As I was reading to my roommate about "empathic listening skills"  I looked over the book to ask her if she wants to take a turn reading.  Her head was down with her chin against her chest.  I made her take a turn reading after called her name a couple of times.  The Counselling Skills classes are getting more interesting though, our professor is really good, and he makes the classes interactive, instead of us just listening to him lecture.

Back to studying now, I promise I won't fall asleep! 


  1. Fined for falling asleep in a public place?

  2. Yep, it's a policy here at EBC, we aren't allowed to sleep in any of the common areas i.e. Common Lounge, Library, Student Activity Centre.