Thursday, 6 October 2011

Old Testament Lecture or The Difference Between Knowing and Knowing

I just got out of Old Testament class and I have a few minutes before Chapel to write a short post.

Something that hit me while our professor was lecturing and we were discussing it, is the immense size of God.  Most people know that God is big and He is all powerful but that doesn't necessarily mean we know it.  The Hebrew word in the Old Testament for "know" is yada, and this word for knowledge is often used in reference to the relationship between a man and a woman; Adam knew Eve and she became pregnant.  There is a big difference then of knowing of and actually knowing.  I know that God is big in my mind but every day that I learn more about Him through the Bible that knowledge trickles down into my heart and I truly know it.

Who are we, the clay, to question God, the potter, why He made us the way we are?  God is so big and so powerful He knows His plans and we don't but we get to have a part in His plans whether we are willing or not, God is always going to have His plans come to a resolution.  Will I fight against YHWH, the one true sovereign God, Creator of the universe, or will I submit and be used as a tool to further His love in this broken world?   

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