Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Leaf-piles or God Smiles at the Silly Things

Yesterday evening my ridiculous roommate invited me to join her outside because she needed a break from the hot, stuffy dorm.  I assented and then we decided that shoes are absurd and ripped them off.  So we ran outside into the dimly lit Grove and decided to run through the pleasingly crisp dry maple leaves.  The temperature was heavenly; our feet and arms weren't the slightest bit cold. 
Then I decided that the only logical thing to do next was to scoop up an armful of crackly dry leaves and throw them at Jessica's face.  Of course the only reasonable thing for Jessica to do was to reciprocate, which she did quite thoroughly.
We ran around the grove in our bare-feet shrieking with laughter.  As we whipped armfuls of leaves at each other giggling, we marveled at our astounding maturity.
Then we decided to make a giant leaf pile, but that we needed more hands.  So we ran to the Common Lounge to see if we could gather more recruits.  We acquired one more person who saw the true value in our mission.  We returned to the Grove and began our task of raking without a rake.  Through the use of our hands and feet we soon had a pile of leaves about half the height of us, which I guess if we're using my height isn't all that much.  Still it was an impressive pile, but it wasn't finished yet and I had to take my leave as I was helping lead Pj's and Praise that night.  After I left a couple other people joined them in transporting leaves to the pile but then they came in for Pj's and Praise. 
Unfortunately when I went out to go back to my dorm I noticed that the pile had been quite effectively flattened.  I know not who would have committed such a heinous crime.  The pile will surely be resurrected today.

Sometimes the essays and studying need to be put aside for truly more important things in the long run.  I have time to write essays and study whenever, I can create motivation and get the work done, but building relationships and creating memories is something that should be given unhindered time.     

God created us and gave us this world that we might give Him glory, in being joyful and silly and growing relationships I give Him glory.

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