Thursday, 13 October 2011

Emmanuel Bible College or Camp

Before I came to EBC, wondered and sort expected it to be maybe a little bit like Camp Cherith.

For those of you who don't know what Camp Cherith is you need to go to this website:, and check out the promo video here:  And then you all need to sign up next summer!

When my parents and I arrived and brought my stuff up to my shared room and we saw the mattresses my mom said, "It's just like Camp!"

After spending one day on campus meeting new people who love Jesus, playing ice-breaker games, and joining in on spontaneous worship in the Common Lounge, all I could think was, "Oh my goodness, this is just like Camp!"

Today it is official, Emmanuel Bible College is honestly just a really long week of Camp with textbooks.  The reason it is now official is because tonight we just had a Campfire.

What Campfire at EBC consists of is s'more making over the fire in the fireplace in the Common Lounge and a Talent Show.  What was the second talent show act?  The Prince from Far Far Away.  What songs did we sing? Repeat-After-Me Camp songs.  What song did the two former roommates perform on their guitars?  The Pokemon theme song.

Need I say more? 

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  1. Kammy,
    This is amazing! Im so glad to hear that its just like camp:) That must mean that you liking it... Anyways sounds awesome!