Monday, 17 May 2010

There really are red lights...

So last weekend I had an extra long weekend.  I had no school on Thursday and Friday, Thursday is "Maennertag"=Men's Day=Men Ride Their Bicycles and Become so Inebriated that They can't Ride Their Bicycles Straight  Anymore Day.  

It's a great holiday. 

I slept over at Clara's house after our baking day, ("Backstage" : P ) <-- I will explain that later, on Wednesday and we made Nutella cookies, and Knueppeltieg, which directly translates as "Club(as in bat) dough".  We had a bonfire and then wrapped the dough around sticks and baked it over the coals.  On Thursday it was Clara's dad's birthday, and we went hiking with him, Clara and her little sister Paula, and Cora, their dog.  (I could never getover the fact that they have a dog with the same name as my sister, and then I remembered I have/had (my mom said one of my brown chickens died but she doesn't know which because I'm the only one who can tell them apart) a chicken named Clara Cluck.  We went hiking in the Czechish part of the Saxon Switzerland.  The picture is of me and Paula standing in front of rock bridge that was used in the film Chronicles of Narnia.  We ended up missing the boat that was going to take us back to the car so we had to walk an extra 10 km.  

On Friday I got up at 6 am and Thilo and I set out at 7 am for Amsterdam.  We got there in the afternoon, set up my tent, and then took the streetcar (only 10 min) into the city centre.  We took a tour boat ride around the canals of Amsterdam that was really interesting.  We ate and then searched for a clog factory that turned out not to exist.  After walking up and down the same street five times searching we decided to just walk around.  I bought some postcards and we sat down at a cafe.  I had fresh peppermint tea: someone cut a handful of peppermint, dropped it in a glass and poured hot water over it.  I wrote my postcards as we sat.  Then we decided to head back to the campsite.  As we were walking along an alley towards the central station I looked up a head and as we reached the end of the alley and glanced around, I said to Thilo(in German of course), "Ah... I don't think we want to walk down this street!"  T: "Why not?"  K: "It's the Red Light District!"  T: *Skeptical disbelief* K: "Look around!" He believed me but we walked down the street anyways, it was still early evening so it probably was just getting going, and there were many other everyday people and tourists so it wasn't so bad I just looked straight ahead, and try not to turn and look when the girls tapped on the windows.  It was just a part of a street that we had to walk along to get to the central station. There was a mother, gramma and little girl, possibly from England, the mother was looking at her map and the gramma said, "There really are red lights."  I had to laugh.

Many of you may already know that in  Amsterdam basically everyone rides a bike.  They are sooo many!  Millions, and they are all old bicycles, it is very rare to see a nice new bike.   One of the problems with Amsterdam was all the garbage everywhere.  The garbagse cans were overflowing and  were growing into mountains.  Maybe we came during a garbage pick-up strike.  Either way I decided that I wanted to visit Brussels instead of spending another day in Amsterdam.  To Be Continued...

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