Saturday, 8 May 2010

Better Late than Never?

I'm not sure why I was against getting a blog...'s going to save me from having to send out update e-mails to people I'm not even sure want to read my updates.

It may be a little late but it's here now and I can keep it up for all the friends I've made here once I'm back in Canada.  I caught the bug from my friend who is smart and has decided to set up her website before she goes on her high school year abroad.

I've posted my previous updates and links to my vlogs.


  1. Hi! The blog looks great...I love to see some stuff about what's been happening since your last update.

  2. I have a blog that I update when things strike me, and I'm not living any kind of adventure! :-) Let me know if you want my blog addy...

  3. Ich hoffe doch mal dass du das hier aufrecht erhältst!!!
    Ich will unbedingt weiter was von dir erfahren, auch wenn du nicht mehr hier bist :(
    :o) hdl