Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Airplane ride to Germany (written awhile ago)

Airplane Ride!

                I got through security just fine, and so did Karlene (another exchange student).  The beeper thing didn’t go off for either of us and there was no random searches made of us or our stuff.  We walked down to our gate and met Tyler , the other girl we were flying with from St. John.  We waited until they called our seat numbers to board the plane and then we boarded!
So my flight from Montreal to Munich was awesome!  I love flying.  It was so exciting to be in a plane.  The flight was 6 hours long which was long but not too long.  The take off was awesome, it is such a rush to be on the ground and then in the air like nothing.  Karlene let me have the window seat, because she had been in an airplane before with the window seat.  She must have thought I was kind of silly because I was so excited about flying, and my excitement showed very plainly on my face.  I am so happy she let me have the window seat.  The view was breathtaking.  It was pretty cool to watch Montreal become smaller and smaller, all the houses and cars grew tinier and tinier.  We flew through a few clouds, which was neat.  I once looked down and was able to see rain, but only on some parts of the ground, I could tell by the shadow and the stir the rain made on a river below the cloud.  A really spectacular moment was when we flew up through the clouds and broke through and all we could see for miles was white clouds just below us and the sun, big and orange, dipping down below the sea of clouds. 
                Each of the seats had a television screen on the back of the seat in front.  I was able to tune into the airplane’s course and I could see just where we were on our flight.  I also learned what speed we were going, how high we were flying, some 30, 000 feet I think, how long until we landed, what time it was in Munich, and the temperature outside the airplane, I believe it was around -60 C when we reached our cruising height, I was very glad to be in the plane.  There were movies and TV shows as well.  I watched a terrible German movie, and an episode of one of my favourite TV shows, Monk. 
                About an hour into our flight the attendants came by with small bags of little crackers shaped like card-suits.  They also brought around a drink cart from which we could choose anything.  After the crackers, they brought hot, damp napkins for our hands.  For dinner we had spinach risotto, salad, a bun with butter, two pieces of cheese and crackers, and some kind of cheese cakey desert, which I didn’t eat.  The drink cart came around twice, once with dinner and once after dinner with tea and coffee.  About three times through the rest of the flight the attendants brought trays with orange juice and sparkling water.  The attendants were all very nice.  With one hour left of our flight they brought breakfast, which was a bun with butter, a babybell cheese, a tiny cup of fruit, and a Kellogg’s breakfast oatmeal bar that I saved for later.
                In between dinner and breakfast we had a very short night.  I didn’t really sleep, I couldn’t; I was just too excited as I’m sure you can imagine.  We flew over Ireland and England, and that was such a sight to see.  It was night when we flew over them and the clouds cleared in time to see it all.  I could see little towns and big cities from all the orange lights.  I could also make out the coastlines from where the lights ended.  It was so beautiful. 
                I think it was 5:30 in the morning when we arrived in the Munich airport.  The three of us went through customs together, it was very quick and easy.  He didn’t ask us any questions and just took our passports and stamped them.  We went down to the bag pick-up and collected all our bags; none of them were missing, thank-goodness.  Then we went and met the EF guide who was waiting for us.  Karlene’s IEC was also there to meet her, he was able to come because he lives close by.  Karlene’s host family is only an hour or so from the camp.  Then we waited.   We waited for what seemed like a long time for two other girls who were supposed to arrive from Brazil.  They didn’t come so the guide had us get into the big nine-seater taxi van and wait for a bit more while he went to find out about the Brazilians.  It turns out they had gotten stopped by customs and they didn’t have some of the required paperwork or something along those lines.  But it turned out okay and they were able to come to the camp. 
                It felt like a long ride to the culture camp.  I could hardly keep my eyes open, which is probably a good thing because it was a bit of a scary ride.  We were driving quite fast while we were on the Autobahn, I didn’t know just how fast though because I was behind the driver’s seat.  Tyler and Karlene told me after we’d arrived at the camp that we had been going 175 kilometres an hour!  And the driver wasn’t wearing his seatbelt, AND there were many cars that had passed us while we were on the Autobahn.  I’ve never driven that fast before, I hope I never will again. 
                I got to the camp safely, miracle of miracles, and got my stuff up to my room and then I called my mom and woke her up in the middle of the night.  And that is the story of my departure from Canada to my arrival in Germany.                    

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