Tuesday, 25 May 2010

7 Gründe zu leben (7 reasons to live)

In our religion class there are only four of us, five if you count the teacher.  Sometimes it's interesting and sometimes I want to bang my head against the desk.

We've been doing a unit on death and today we talked about sucide and near the end our teacher gave us a green piece of paper and had us write down 7 reasons that make life worth living.  The seven reasons I intitally wrote down were too vague so I'm going to write down my specific list of seven reasons to live.

In no particular order:

-The fact that the Creator of all matter tells me I matter and wants to be in realtionship with me
-German "Canola" fields
-Yellow knock-off chucks
-Laughing until tears run after a failed attempt of trying to translate a joke
-Reading the Bible and being utterly surprised but then realizing it makes total and wonderful sense
-Getting Christmas presents for Easter

And more:

-"Dad! Daad!  DAAaaAAd!" "What is it Buddy?!"
-Knowing that I was once right and my mom was wrong even though that never happens because my mom is one of the smartest people I know
-Building a walk-in-fridge with my dad because none of his big strong guy friends wanted to help him
-"I guess you're old enough to be mature" "What's all the commotion?" "I like everything BUT Winnie the Pooh" ect...
-Trista's facial expressions in her dance number Moulin Rouge
-Nana putting up with all of my attempts not to follow a recipe, a pattern, the instructions, her advice, ...
-The ever growing railway in the basement and garden
-The tickle monster
-Tea-towel tea-parties with Norman
-Being allowed to clip all of Gramma's millions of clip on earrings to the hem of my dress
-Shaaren's letters
-Getting to listen to the same one or two songs in Jenney's car
-Shelley's laugh and hair
-Swinging on the swing and pushing off of the fence even though we weren't allowed to, running from the tickle monster

-Thumbunny all three generations and his German cousin Daumenkaninchen
-Finishing an entire German crossword with my Mutti
-Driving quickly to Amsterdam and Brussels for a weekend
-Being convinced to buy an awesome dress that I would regret not buying
-Peanut butter with everything
-Being open-minded
-Taking hot bathes and eating ice cream
-Just eating ice cream in general

What are seven or more reasons you live?  Leave a comment : )


  1. #1 reason to live right now; HOMECOMINGS!!!

  2. Haha Okay okay! Don't worry I'm coming home! As long as nothing happens, pray that the volcano doesn't start spewing again!

  3. I considered first long-term reasons; the love of my family and the hope of its continuation in my own, service to others, learning more about God, friendship, etc, but on a smaller scale, I love dancing, learning, reading, and harpsichord music, unexpected boons, poetic moments.

  4. 1. aufstehen und Milchschaum schlürfen
    2. Schokoladenpudding bei Gewitter
    3. Fotoalben anschauen
    4. Vorträge ausarbeiten
    5. Kino + Sekt - Männer =)
    6. im Flugzeug sitzen und merken, wie die Motoren starten
    7. getröstet werden