Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Fourth Update from Germany


 have a new host family now as some of you may have already heard.  I am now living in the town of Weida by Riesa.  I am fortunately still able to go to the same school and even better I am actually closer and don’t have as long a commute to and from school.  Me and my old host family just decided that it would be better for everyone if I went to a new host family since we simply didn’t get along as well as we had expected.  I’ve been with my new host family for over a week now and it has been absolutely wonderful.  My host mother Kornelia works for the Church and my host father Thilo has his own heating and sanitation business (like my dad back home!).  They have two sons who are in their late twenties, early thirties.  Christian lives and works in Berlin but comes home on the weekends.  Michael lives in Switzerland right now studying and doing work in the same kind of thing as Thilo.  They are really nice people and we get along amazingly.  We laugh and talk a lot.  They can’t speak any English, but my German has improved so much that I am able to follow and carry conversations, and even if I don’t know the exact word I know enough words to explain it.  It’s kind of like playing the game of Taboo all the time!  On our first day together they came and picked me and all my stuff up from my old host family, dropped my stuff off and then went cross-country skiing right away!  I love cross-country skiing so it was an awesome start.  Then we cleaned out Michael’s room.  Turns out that they only decided that they would take me in at around 10 am on Saturday right after a lady from the community who was in contact with my IEC (International Exchange Coordinator from EF) came and said I needed a new home (That kind of makes me sound like I am a kitten).  Only four hours later did they come and pick me up!  It was a very fast move.  They didn’t even have time to get Michael’s room ready for me.
            I’ve met Christian; he came home last weekend and gave a presentation on Canada in the Weida church.  The presentation didn’t have anything to do about me : P.  He was on a Work and Travel trip to Canada last year for a year.  He traveled all over Canada but mostly in BC.  He really experienced Canada by camping and hiking and skiing in the Rockies.  The photos he had were amazing.  I’ve not yet met Michael in person but I’ve talked to him a couple times now over Skype.  He’s going to Canada for a Work and Travel trip this year just like his brother.  I’m going to visit him on the Easter weekend and have a tour of Switzerland. 
            I feel so much more at home here and like a real part of their family.  I feel like I’ve lived here for months and it’s only been a little over a week.  Last Sunday my host parents and I went to the opera in Meissen, where the famous white gold porcelain comes from. It was my first time in the opera!  The piece was called “Zar and Zimmermann”.   I wish I could tell you what it was about but I couldn’t really understand it at all.  It was a “Komisch Oper”, which means comical or strange opera.  It certainly was that.  The music, costumes and acting were great though.  My host parents said they had a hard time understanding it too.  They said that we would definitely go to the opera or theatre again.  We’re going this Sunday downhill skiing.  It’ll be my first time.  Thilo told me that if I don’t like downhill skiing we can spend the rest of the day cross-country skiing or sledding.
            My host mother has given me free-range of the kitchen and on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays I make my own lunch after school.  Since the mealtimes are switched around here from those of Canada I need to make actual cooked food for myself.  Lunchtime is the meal that we eat hot food like dinner in Canada and dinnertime here is like lunch in Canada but a bit different because they lay the table out with different kinds of cheeses, spreads, meat, fish, salad and of course fresh German bread.  It seems like every village has like five bakeries here in Germany; that might be a bit of an exaggeration but there is a bakery just a little way down the road from us.  So if you have any suggestions for what I can cook up I would love to hear from you : ).  I never realized how much energy goes into meal planning until I had to do it myself.  Props to all meal planning moms (especially my mom <3).
Well I’ll finish up for now with saying that I made it through a rough time and I had no idea where I was going but God was with me the whole time and He came through at the end and blew my mind like He always promises.   I’ve got Him to thank unendingly.  I also want to thank everyone who was/is praying for me it really does work!  It gives me such joy to know I’ve got a huge family in Christ standing behind me. 
Love forever from,

Me and my new host cat in my attic room : )  She doesn’t have a real name, only “Mieze” or “Katze”, which means “Kitty” or “Cat”                    


  1. It's good to know, too, Kammy, that our Father is taking such good care of you when you're so far away. :-)


  2. Hey Kammy! I'm so glad to hear from you now :D I've been wondering how you were doing all the way in Germany. I'm very happy that you've found a great host family, and I hope you are having the time of your life over there :)

    God Bless :)